What motivates us to continue making quality Snapchat geofilter is our passion for great design, plain and simple. Truth be told, bad design is everywhere. Just look at street signs, gum wrappers, nutrition labels! As designers, it's our job to inject beautiful design into the world wherever we can because we believe (through and through) that quality aesthetics make people happy.

Why Snapchat? Like you, we too are social media junkies. The social digital world is all about sharing with people you care about. To us, Snapchat is a great medium to share beautiful design in a personal way. Snapchat found a cool way to incorporate great design into the social realm, and we respect that. The world doesn't make it easy for designers, but Snapchat sees the value in creativity like we do, and they gave us a great way to exhibit our art to the world. 


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