Why Snapchat Geofilters Are The Newest Wedding Essentials

1. Encourage Your Guests To Snap Your Wedding! 

Let's be real, it's your special day! You've invested endless hours, energy, and money into your wedding-- you want to know that your guests are having a good time. Wedding hashtags have long encouraged guests to post about weddings, and Snapchat filters are Instagram hashtags' new savvy sisters.

2. Add to your wedding's personal style

Your personal Snapchat geofilter is another special touch that you can add to all your weddings snaps! Even better? Your wedding filter will match your color scheme, font collection, and personal style of your wedding! This is a huge element in showing off your wedding's unique style, and if you will, vibes. 

3. It'll have your guests talking about your wedding

During wedding season, it's possible your wedding guests are attending back to back weddings almost every weekend. Obviously, you want yours to stand out! Almost everything has been done before, but Snapchat geofilters are so new that you'll be ahead of the game. 

4. It costs almost nothing... So why not?

You can get wedding geofilters for as low as $35... Out of your entire wedding budget, this is virtually nothing! So what are you waiting for? Order a custom Snapchat geofilter from Snapstorm filters.