How long in advance should I order my custom filter?

If ordering a custom filter, please allow at least 5 days before your event so that we have time to craft a filter perfect for you and ensure that it gets through Snapchat on time! Our turnaround time is max 3 days, and we must submit to Snapchat at least 2 days before the start time of the event. 

I'm confused by the submission process via Snapchat... help!

No need to worry! If you're ordering a custom filter, we'll take care of the submission process for you.

If ordering a ready-made filter, go to Snapchat's website. Click the announcement bar "Want your own Snapchat geofilter?". Under "On Demand" click the "Learn More" button, then the "Create now" button. Upload your Snapstorm filter (we send you a file that is optimized for Snapchat already), and follow the prompts to select your date, time, and location. 

How much do custom filters cost?

Custom filter pricing varies, depending on how many elements you add to your filter. Custom filters start at $35 for one filter. See the full pricing sheet here.

How much does Snapchat's activation fee cost?

Snapchat does charge a fee to activate your filter.  

Snapchat charges based on a) size of area and b) amount of time you want your filter to run. We've simplified the pricing process for you. For small areas (house, restaurant, hotel lobby, etc.), the Snapchat activation fee is $5 for up to 24 hours. For medium sized areas (entire hotel, large wedding or birthday venue, etc.), the fee is $10 for the first 6 hours, then $2 for each additional hour. 

Do I get to see a sample of my custom filter before the day of my event? What if I want to modify something?

You bet! We'll send you a sample so you can see how it looks before your event. Even better? You get 2 free modifications for every custom filter. 

What's your return policy on custom filters?

If you decide that you no longer want your custom filter before we send you your sample (72 hours or less after you submit your form), you can let us know and we'll give you a full refund. After you receive your sample, we do not accept returns. If you are unhappy with how your filter looks, we'll gladly modify it for you (2 free). 

How quick is your turnaround?

For custom filters: A sample of your filter will be ready within 72 hours of filling out the customization form. If we're submitting your filter for you, we need a 2 day window once your design is complete to submit the filter to Snapchat. So, submit your request at least 5 days before your event!

For ready made filters: 24 hours or less turnaround! Typically less.